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Adventures, struggles, lifestyle changes and triumphs-being a first-time horse owner over 50 is both a challenge and a comedy. This is my journey as I tackle a new sport-endurance riding with my heart horse Cowboy and much to his dismay, a new addition, Beau.

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14 November 2018
Endurance Rides 2018
Kristina Chesterman 11/3/2018
November 3rd, Cowboy and I completed our first 35-mile endurance ride! The excitement and joy were quickly followed by fear as my boy became ill then tragic as we were running for our lives along with an entire community in the Northern California to...
11 September 2018
Endurance Rides 2018
Redwood Ride Orick, CA August 2018
About two years ago, I remember a very brief conversation I had with a young gal at one of the local horse events. She mentioned she was conditioning for an endurance ride. I told her, "wow! That's great-I could never do that!" The thought of being m...
27 August 2018
The Herd
My husband Andy, had been wanting to get a horse for a few years now-not actively sorting through the local ads-but just on occassion. One day, there's an ad on Craigslist with photo's of him all saddled up with a woman on him-kid's horse, husband ho...
25 August 2018
The Herd
I was in search of my first horse at age 47, I had been actively looking for a year or so (two other horses, who shall be unnamed, crossed my path and quickly exited) then-there he was!My inexperienced "choosing" of a horse will most likely make...