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My name is Tammy Waller Aviles, I am a wife, mom of 5, grandmother to 7, real estate broker and equine photographer living in a beautiful Northern California mountain town of Magalia. 

I am originally from Los Angeles but moved north in mid-2002. My grandfather had a horse named Pedro (You can get a glimpse of him in Cowboy's introduction here) and that is where my obsession with horses began and never faded!

With kids out of the house and living in an area where having a horse was feasible, at age 47 I took the leap and purchased my heart horse Cowboy. 

It's been four years now and what a ride it has been! I hope you enjoy our adventures.

35 Miles and Counting

November 3rd, Cowboy and I completed our first 35-mile endurance ride! The excitement and joy were quickly followed by fear as my boy became ill then tragic as we were running for our lives along with an entire community in the Northern California town of Paradise as a result of the Camp Fire.  This is my story, there are so many more people w...
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Redwood Ride, August 16 2018 Orick, CA

About two years ago, I remember a very brief conversation I had with a young gal at one of the local horse events. She mentioned she was conditioning for an endurance ride. I told her, "wow! That's great-I could never do that!" The thought of being miles out on the trail was terrifying to me. My horse, Cowboy and I were still figuring each other ou...
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Beau-$450 Craigslist Morgan Horse

My husband Andy, had been wanting to get a horse for a few years now-not actively sorting through the local ads-but just on occassion. One day, there's an ad on Craigslist with photo's of him all saddled up with a woman on him-kid's horse, husband horse-were the key words. So, we decided to go take a look, and as if I hadn't learned my lesson previ...
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My Inspiration-Cowboy-The $1200 Craigslist Quarter Horse

I was in search of my first horse at age 47, I had been actively looking for a year or so (two other horses, who shall be unnamed, crossed my path and quickly exited) then-there he was! My inexperienced "choosing" of a horse will most likely make the experienced horse person cringe and to be honest-I was extremely lucky. He was extremely under...
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