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Beau-$450 Craigslist Morgan Horse

My husband Andy, had been wanting to get a horse for a few years now-not actively sorting through the local ads-but just on occassion. One day, there's an ad on Craigslist with photo's of him all saddled up with a woman on him-kid's horse, husband horse-were the key words. So, we decided to go take a look, and as if I hadn't learned my lesson previ...
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My Inspiration-Cowboy-The $1200 Craigslist Quarter Horse

I was in search of my first horse at age 47, I had been actively looking for a year or so (two other horses, who shall be unnamed, crossed my path and quickly exited) then-there he was! My inexperienced "choosing" of a horse will most likely make the experienced horse person cringe and to be honest-I was extremely lucky. He was extremely under...
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