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My Inspiration-Cowboy-The $1200 Craigslist Quarter Horse

My Inspiration-Cowboy-The $1200 Craigslist Quarter Horse

I was in search of my first horse at age 47, I had been actively looking for a year or so (two other horses, who shall be unnamed, crossed my path and quickly exited) then-there he was!

My inexperienced "choosing" of a horse will most likely make the experienced horse person cringe and to be honest-I was extremely lucky. He was extremely underweight, his feet, long overdue for a trimming, teeth needed floating and he had a fifty cent piece sized sore on his left fetlock that had been there for God knows how long. I didn't ride him and I didn't do a pre-sale vet check-his soft eyes touched my soul and that is all that mattered.

  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Foal Date: 05/06/2002
  • Registered Name: Go Go Sovereign
  • Barn Name: Cowboy
  • Welcomed Home: 08/27/2014
  • Color/Sex: Sorrel Gelding
  • AQHA #: 4214515
  • AERC #: H56099
  • Height: 15.0
  • Weight: 985

"Dreams shouldn't be some out of reach concept, they are for living-Live your dream!"

Tammy 2018

On August 27th, 2014, our journey began. He was $1200 and that included tack! To me, he is priceless. The moment he stepped off of the trailer, my friend and trainer Dixie was there to assist in training me. Cowboy has always known what to do, me on the other hand? I was green, the most vibrant, neon, glow in the dark green imaginable. Both excited and terrified of this animal that I had dreamed of owning since I was a child, was now a reality and I had no clue what to do. Without her support, encouragement and patience, oh God the patience-poor Dixie probably has nightmares to this day-"Sit straight", Me, "I am!", which of course I wasn't, over and over again...sorry Dixie! LOL

It's impossible to compact nearly 4 years of adventures into a short article, so I hope you enjoy the video below-it includes, my biggest fear, never before seen coming off of Cowboy. My fault of course, wrong lead, wrong turn, but I lived!

Cowboy was/is a forward horse, ran gymkhana previously at some point, which I thought would be fun at the no, so he thought arena time meant time to run. It seriously took six months to have him calmly walk the arena. We tried Gymkhana, we both stressed and decided that was not our cup of tea. In all his forwardness, he took care of me, In my non-sitting straight, sitting straight position, I would lose balance, lose a stirrup, fall forward hanging on his neck and he would stop. He too, was patient with the obvious idiot riding him!

We also tried our hand at schooling shows, a lesson in patience for both of us, as we are both Type A personality's, not the direction we wanted to go either. We are now starting our journey with Endurance riding. Faster pace, beautiful scenery and total care and concern for the wellbeing of your horse-who could ask for more?

The Craigslist ad photo I feel in love with, he was underweight, had a nasty sore on his forelock, but he had soft eyes!

Cowboy letting off steam and floating in air.

A personality I cherish.

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